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Holze Wellness Center offers Individualized/ Personalized health care from birth through your golden years, because every health issue needs a specialized treatment program. Not a one size fits all program. No two people are the same, thus no two treatment programs should ever be the same. The cause of one person’s headache is different from the cause of the next person’s headache. Holze Wellness Center offers patient specific treatment programs for the entire family to help you meet your health needs.


We believe your body should work! If it is not working properly, there is a reason, an imbalance, and only by treating the cause of the imbalance (not just the apparent symptoms) can you really be healthy. In treating the source of the problem, we deal with several fundamental factors. They are structural, chemical, and mental sides of health – The Health Triangle. If any side of the Health Triangle is altered, the other two sides are hindered.  And conversely, health does not return until all three sides are in balance.


About Our Erchonia Cold Laser – As Seen On Network News!


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Come to our Complimentary Wellness Class at 2000 Larkin Avenue, Suite 200, Elgin, IL. Meet the Doctors and Learn More! Seating is limited so please call 847-888-4770 to reserve your space or use the simple sign up form on the top right of this page. Feel free to bring along family and friends. We look forward to meeting you!

About Homeopathy

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The Truth About Salt

Is salt good or bad for us? The answer to this question is not so simple. Sodium and chloride are both vital minerals, used for nerve transmission/impulse conduction, fluid balance and muscle contraction. Not having enough sodium will cause hyponatremia, a life threatening condition that occurs when someone sweats out too much sodium, or drinks read more…

Detoxification: A New 21st Century Model

Detoxification is a health term in the public domain that specifies the body’s innate process of removing or altering metabolic wastes and acquired toxins, so the body can perform its life processes unencumbered by detrimental elements and disruptive molecules. Thus detoxification is the body’s natural process to “recycle” or “take out the trash.” The best read more…