Learn about the breakthrough, FDA-Approved treatment for acne.1

Teenagers and adults alike now have a weapon to battle acne through new laser technology, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).1,2,*

Acne plagues about 40 to 50 million people in the United States. About 85% of people ages 12-24 develop acne. While it’s not a life-threatening condition, acne can cause scars and leave you feeling unconfident, depressed, and unwilling to show your face to anyone. But don’t lose hope! Learn about acne and the right ways to combat it.

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How Low-Level Light Acne Treatments Work

Low-level light, also known as a “cold laser” works by killing the bacteria that causes acne. Unlike current acne-laser treatments, our laser is not high density, or hot, so it does not irritate or adversely affect the healthy skin cells. Our laser isolates and targets the acne-causing bacteria itself, not the skin, so it effectively treats the cause of acne at its root.

Up until now, people with acne have had to rely on strong antibiotic treatments lasting several months, harsh topical ointments that can irritate and severely dry out the skin or hot lasers that cause redness and pain.

Now with advancements in technology, Low-Level Light Therapy has been FDA-Approved to treat acne with minimal to no side-effects.1,2 Contact us to learn more about this incredible acne treatment breakthrough.

Acne Treatment Testimonial – Actual Client

“I came to Holze Wellness Center because of a face rash and bad acne. I woke up one day with a small rash on my face. I didn’t think much of it at first, but every-day the rash only got bigger. The rash was very red and irritated. I also had horrible cystic acne covering my face. I was so embarrassed to go to school, as kids would always comment on my face.


I tried everything to make it go away. I switched my diet, exercised, applied face creams, and even saw a dermatologist. All of these actions did not make my face any better. I was becoming frustrated and impatient for an answer as to what caused this outbreak. My mom looked online for a different doctor that I could see.


That is when she found Holze Wellness Center. My first visit with Dr. Holze was an eye-opener that gave my mom and me some hope. Dr. Holze was able to find out what was causing my face acne and other facial reactions. I started taking remedies every day and within the first month of seeing the doctor, I already was seeing improvements. The longer I saw the doctor and took my remedies, the faster my face cleared up. The painful cysts on my skin went away and the rash completely disappeared. The results completely exceeded my expectations.


All because of Holze Wellness Center, I feel so much better, physically and emotionally. I now have a clear face and am not afraid to go about my day with no make-up. I am so happy that my mom and I decided to go to Holze Wellness Center. I would recommend that anyone and everyone give it a try.”*


~ Jill

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1 Light-based therapies in acne treatment
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